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Jennifer Pankowski
Coldwell Banker Town & Country

"Thanks go out to Anissa from Rose Title Agency LLC for a smooth closing today."

Jim Jensen
Coldwell Banker Town & Country

"I wanted to Thank Rose Title for a great close Tuesday. The closing was a bit difficult. Diane was very gracious and made herself available to work with my clients difficult schedule. Brie and Clancy were also very helpful throughout the whole process. Thank you ladies"

Michelle Herrst
Coldwell Banker Town & Country

"Shout out to Rose Title Agency LLC , Thank you Diane and Anissa for your help with my tough client last week! As hard as I tried to explain tax pro-rations, I just wasn't believable. I am SO grateful for you coming to the rescue and having my back. Especially great service because this was a coop and no title insurance required."

Jennifer Allen
Coldwell Banker Town & Country

"Thank you Diane Heinig and Rose Title for giving me so much help on my little redemption transaction that turned out to be a nail biter to get closed before the deadline (we made it with one day to spare!) Diane was calling the Redemption Attorney's office and making other calls a few times a day for weeks to get a confirmed payoff letter that included two loans, instead of one, to get clear title. And, she was taking my daily calls too! If I did not have the support of Rose Title for this transaction, I am not sure if we would have been able to close. This was an important, feel good, transaction for me. Thank you so much for everything!!"

Claudia Lochirco
Coldwell Banker Town & Country

"A big Shout Out to Anissa Parr of Rose Title for driving to Saint Clair Shores for a closing today - You Rock Anissa! Your always so knowledgeable - Thank you so much!!"

Tina Hess

A HUGE Thank you to Rose Title Agency LLC for all of their hard work and efforts in getting two of my deals closed in a pinch!!! The communication was great and very much appreciated. Thank you Clancy Raupp and Molly Raupp for taking all my calls and emails and to Diane, Brie and Anissa for getting all the documents ready last minute due to all the hiccups!! Truly appreciate you all!!

Jim Jensen

Big shout out to Diane and Brie from Rose Title. They worked through a few issues created by the other title company. Diane and Brie worked tirelessly and made things right. Ladies, Thank you for your efforts!!

Sheryl Roberts

"Sincere thanks to ALL the ladies at Rose Title. They turned a stressful situation for me into 'no big deal' !!!"

Jennifer Allen

"Thank you Diane Heinig and Rose Title. I so much appreciate all your help on my closing today, and taking extra time with my first-time buyers explaining all the closing docs"

Beth McCann

"Big thanks go out to Rose Title Agency LLC for all of you help, hard work and support during the busy month of February! 2 closings in the books. So blessed to be a part of this wonderful team"

Annette Hughes

"I would like to thank Diane for all the hard work she put in my closing yesterday and for being so patient with the lender we had to work with. Thanks again Diane and all of Rose Title you rock!!!"